Friday, January 15, 2010

Square Tote Bag

Another one for Aishah!

Again our beautiful batik Terengganu is used for this project.

This bag is a bit tricky than the others to do. Although it doesn't use any interfacing, sewing on the zipper, bottom tab and top handle requires a lot of patience! Phew! I was glad that I didn't have to undo anything ... except the zippers to open the bag!!

By the way, for the inside lining, I used my all time favourite plain cotton fabric in matching dark chocolate.

(Sorry no photo shot of the inside.)

For product sizing compare the bag to my laptop that it's sitting on.


Journalist said...

Bravo Bravo!!!
Wah hebat gila! TAk ku sangka!

Norazihan said...

Merci merci merci bouqou!