Monday, January 18, 2010

Regular Tote Bag

Not so regular as this tote bag is totally reversible!

When working halfway through this project I figured the bag is not going to form very well. You see the fabric used is again our batik Terengganu. I used it for both the inside as well as outside. So the fabric does not hold that well as a big formed bag. To improve it I added interfacing to bottom as well as used interfaced handle.

For the fact that both the inside and outside is from the same fabric, the look is different because I've made used of the different parts of our batik for each side. The side with the triangle motifs is from the "kepala kain". The side with floral motifs is from the "badan kain."

Nice for a regular bag.

P.S. You must be wondering by now why am I working a lot of bags in these batik fabric. Well, they are for Aishah who owns a batik shop and wants to take our batik to a different level. Good luck Aishah.