Tuesday, January 26, 2010

LA Here I Come - Half Moon Bag

Thought I'd try out this bag. It's kind of glamorous, very Hollywoody, sheek ala Rodeo Drive.

It's shaped almost to a half a circle thus the name half moon bag. Batik Terengganu is used here for both the outside as well as the inside lining. It's reversible!! As you can see one side is from the body of the batik and the other side is from the head of the batik typical design on Batik Sarung.

The handle is quite kinky. Here I used a plain soft fabric in aqua blue - it's actually from my voile collection for a square scarf. The color is perfect to match the batik. And it's just tied together as the handles for a totally airy look. Wear it with one of those large round dark sunglasses. Watch out Angelina Jolie!

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