Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fun Purse

I was figuring out on what to do with a bunch of 7" zippers I bought in many colors. At one time I've decided that the size is really not appropriate for any sewing craft!. Well push comes to shove, I do not want to waste the zippers, so I made these 7" by 5" purses, for all purpose storage.

I like the result. The fabric here as you can see is bright electrifying blue! But I dared myself to match it with a sour red zipper! And ta da! Fun purses. It fits some cool loose stuff normally in hand bag. And the flat purse just slips in nicely into my bag holding all those loose stuff safely in it's inner space. More electrifying fun colors coming up!!

Batik Table Cloth

Back to batik project. This time this batik Terengganu is from my own collection. I've made a table cloth from a piece of batik sarung. See how beautiful it worked using one design for one side of the tablecloth and the other design for the other side ... and it's from ONE piece of sarung, cool! There'll be throw cushion covers to match this table cloth. Come back again to see the whole set in action!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Machine Embroidery

A new craft which I would like to put my hands on. There's a vast selection of these machines available locally and I can't get enough with their features and functions. Amongst my favorite is Brother's and Singer's. The price can reach RM10k including software for design scanning and generating stitches with the machine. The possibilities of great craft is endless. Hmm ... not sure if I should invest in such a machine for fear that it will be a white elephant.

Picture: Pencil case from jeans fabric and machine embroidered from Haslina, a collector of embroidery sewing machine whom I bumped into unplanned at Bachok, Kelantan. Fun meeting you Na :). The whole embroidery is completed in just 41 minutes and the machine just runs by itself! ... just in time for us to finish our tea.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sling Bag Wadi

Take a break! After a long stretch of batik bags a slumber sling bag is a wonderful feat for the eyes!

This bag is ordered by Wadi, Hazem's friend. Yes, a boy. He liked the cool shoulder bag Kak Long modeled but that one already went to niece Izzati.

So I made one for him from this wonderful orange 100% cotton fabric and matched it with plain red cotton for the inside lining. Wonderlicious!

As usual, my bags are 100% reversible and so two looks from one bag. How cool is that! He wanted to fit in his science log book and so I sized it even to fit my laptop!! The handle is purposely long to enable cross body wear. Hip alright! Simple, no button, no zipper, no pockets, just a cool bag for a cool boy. (Heard that this will also hold his futsal shoes; boys)

P.S. Still owe Cikgu Minah a toiletries bag. Hm ... haven't found a nice color and fabric combination for her. Her's would be a delicate decision as she is a retired teacher and very gentle person. Hang on there Cikgu Minah. Thank you.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Martha Stewart's Purse

This bag is from Martha Stewart sewing project. Although it is re-sized from the template given, I think it is a little small still. So I'll do a bigger one next time.

This one is 100% reversible and you get two looks from one bag because the inside design is different than the outside. As usual, typical from a sarung of batik Terengganu, one side is cut off from the body of the sarung while the other from the head of the sarung. Still maintaining low cost, no additional fabric as in the Half Moon Bag, nor any interfacing is used. Enjoy.

P.S. Alamak photo coloring lain2 pulak. Flat bag is shot outdoor while slinged is on my bedroom door :)

Vegetable Bag

Surprised? Well the English would call it a Flower Bag. They would put in fresh cuts of lavender and roses flat in these bags from their country garden ye. Well I would use it to place my vegetables when I go the Night Market! So in goes a bundle of Kangkong, Bayam Merah, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Red Chillies and Small Chillies. Enough.

There's only one shot of the bag because even though it is 100% reversible but I made the fabrics and fabric matches the same inside out. Save cost!! Aishah wants it cheap! Hmm... normally I would do different fabric designs inside out so you get value for your money for a two look from one purchase. But sorry folks.