Friday, January 29, 2010

Dark Night Half Moon Bag

This is dark night. Poor soul. Didn't want to show it at first but thought, heck, why not. Worked this one for Hana but felt it's too dark to be fashionable. So Hana you decide.

The fabric is batik Terengganu, maroon floral motif on black background. The handle is black from my voile collection. The handle casing is done slightly wider here but later redone narrower as per earlier hot chocolate. Slightly ripped it while undoing the stitches (e hek.) It again is totally reversible. As I've done it, the inside and the outside are from different parts of the sarong facbric, thus from the different motifs, you can have two totally different look either way you wear it. The bag is interfaced to give it it's half moon form. The handle is interchangeable, but it takes patience to put it through the casing. However, pulling it out is easy. Well the name describes it well. If you like it, let me know.

Hot Chocolate Half Moon Bag

Okay, like it? I love it. This bag, from a maroon floral on black background of batik Terengganu, originally matched with a black voile handle. But the look is too dark that I called it dark night half moon bag. I don't think I'll post it here because it's too gloomy. So I switched the handle with this dark chocolate voile handle and voila, very vogue and sophisticated. Hana, I think you should take this or the earlier twilight bag; or both!!

Twilight - Half Moon Bag

Wow! This half moon bag has many positive reviews from nieces. And Hana wanted a black handle and Amar wish for the blue version. So here is a twilight version of the half moon bag.

P.S. The bag bottom looks slightly lope sided on the right is just an illusion due to my unprofessional skill in photography. Blank handle is from my voile collection.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

LA Here I Come - Half Moon Bag

Thought I'd try out this bag. It's kind of glamorous, very Hollywoody, sheek ala Rodeo Drive.

It's shaped almost to a half a circle thus the name half moon bag. Batik Terengganu is used here for both the outside as well as the inside lining. It's reversible!! As you can see one side is from the body of the batik and the other side is from the head of the batik typical design on Batik Sarung.

The handle is quite kinky. Here I used a plain soft fabric in aqua blue - it's actually from my voile collection for a square scarf. The color is perfect to match the batik. And it's just tied together as the handles for a totally airy look. Wear it with one of those large round dark sunglasses. Watch out Angelina Jolie!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Square Bag

Couldn't wait to share this one, it's awesome!!

The bag is normally called a Messenger Bag well I just like to call a square bag.

I'm so excited finishing it after a few wrong doings but completing the project is very satisfying.

I took extra care in getting the floral motifs to line up. As the material is our batik Terengganu I had to make use of the different designs between the kepala kain and the badan kain, then there's the border design.

So the typical kepala kain or lined up triangle shape is used for the bag front. The badan kain is used for the rest of the bag including it's lining. For the handle I used the border and catch the cute turquoise blue flower to align the whole length of the bag handle. Of course the bag is interfaced to give it it's form. The bag has two outside front pockets sized enough to slip in an envelope or two. It has an outside back pocket across the width of the back. For clasping the flap hook and loop is used.

Hmmm.... Love it!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Large Box Toiletries Bag

Similar to my earlier Square Bag I decided to make another one. Only this time it's larger and thougher - I want to use hard interfacing. So as it turned out, it's roomy enough to put my husband's hand tools or I figured his CD collection. He can use it for his toiletries if he doesn't mind the mild floral batik motif. BTW yes this one is also done with our batik Terengganu.

Working with interfacing is tough. Add zippers to it and I am thankful that I wanted this to be larger than the earlier one I did. It would be a though fight to turn the bag inside out and round and round during the workout!!

Love it!!

Feminine Apron with Gathered Skirt and Wide Shoulder Straps

Side track sikit after a few bag projects.

Been wanting to do an apron so with one of Aishah's batik Terengganu I followed my heart desire to make one.

I choose this pattern for it's comfort. The wide shoulder strap is far more comfortable to have on than the usual string straps. The shoulder strap is also attached to the back waist band eliminating the need to pull over one's head with the normal string apron. Furthermore, this one is a bit fancy with gathered skirts for a more flirting look with a modest size bib. It has two large pockets big enough to hold a recipe flip book or other electronic gadgets to take along to the kitchen.

P/S - Pardon the photo shoot. I wanted to have a photo of a person with the apron on to show it's femininity but I don't think any of my boys would want to model it :D

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Flat Zippered Purse with Handle

Fell in love with this flat purse when I first saw it at Etsy. Just had to figure out on assembling the pieces so that raw edges are not visible. Well after comparing methods from two tutorials I found at Blogger I kinda mix the methods and voila.

I'm comfortable with the method of doing it, it's just that it's so hard when working with interfacing. For the fabric I used here which is batik Terengganu, the cotton is quite thin so I figured the purse would not have the form which I wanted. So along came the interfacing. But that's just it with interfacing, especially for small projects as this purse where you have to turn in inside out and all over, the hard interfacing just makes it more difficult.

The purse is roomy enough to function as wallet, phone or camera holder. The large, stiff handle is perfect for hanging it to the wrist.

Well the plan is to match these purses to the larger tote bags. Well this one matches my earlier Regular Tote Bag.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Regular Tote Bag

Not so regular as this tote bag is totally reversible!

When working halfway through this project I figured the bag is not going to form very well. You see the fabric used is again our batik Terengganu. I used it for both the inside as well as outside. So the fabric does not hold that well as a big formed bag. To improve it I added interfacing to bottom as well as used interfaced handle.

For the fact that both the inside and outside is from the same fabric, the look is different because I've made used of the different parts of our batik for each side. The side with the triangle motifs is from the "kepala kain". The side with floral motifs is from the "badan kain."

Nice for a regular bag.

P.S. You must be wondering by now why am I working a lot of bags in these batik fabric. Well, they are for Aishah who owns a batik shop and wants to take our batik to a different level. Good luck Aishah.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sewing Bagsket

Ta da! Sewing Bagsket. Sounds funny eh? Well the original poster named it such, bagsket that is. Well I change it to Sewing Bagsket. Well I change more than just the name.

This bag original design is with a pull string cover. Imagine a container for baby's milk bottle. Well you're right, yuks, I didn't like. I did finish the bag up to that point. It looked pathetic. So I strip open the top part, redo the top edging and voila I got a Sewing Bagsket!

Why sewing basket? Well, the design allows for multiple slots for tools and notions. I used a beautiful ocean light blue satin trimming for the pocket top. So why hide it with the pull string top? And I figured the pockets fits well for scissors, rulers, pens and other sewing paraphernalia. Perfect.

Again, the fabric is our batik Terengganu. This time inside out! I made use of the different prints on the sarung fabric for special effects. It works eh!

This is one is Aishah's. I'd love to have one for myself to stash all my sewing tools and take it around when I'm working on a hand sewing project.

So, for my own sewing bagsket, come back it a short while okay!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Square Tote Bag

Another one for Aishah!

Again our beautiful batik Terengganu is used for this project.

This bag is a bit tricky than the others to do. Although it doesn't use any interfacing, sewing on the zipper, bottom tab and top handle requires a lot of patience! Phew! I was glad that I didn't have to undo anything ... except the zippers to open the bag!!

By the way, for the inside lining, I used my all time favourite plain cotton fabric in matching dark chocolate.

(Sorry no photo shot of the inside.)

For product sizing compare the bag to my laptop that it's sitting on.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fabric Grocery Bag

Love this bag.

Pattern copied from the widely used supermarket plastic bag, this bag is made totally from 100% cotton fabric. The outside fabric is our lovely batik fabric from Terengganu.

I love this bag as it is very functional. Imagine if you were take a hot pot to a potluck party ... in goes the hot plastic container or our Pyrex casserole into the bag. No worries about handling the hot containers and you would look gorgeous carrying the hot pot in this bag.

Personally, I would like to
make one for each of my Pyrex containers so when I go out for picnics or luncheon get together, I'd be happy and ready to transfer my favourite dishes in this lovely Fabric Grocery Bag!

Batik Clutch Purse With Gold Pin Closure

This batik clutch purse is ordered by Aishah. The idea is to promote batik fabric into the fashion industry. This batik is from a piece of our Terengganu Batik. The clutch purse is made from reference to Amy Butler's handheld purse.

The feminine shape of Amy Butler's handheld purse is accentuated by a sparkly, antique gold pin at the closure available at Sulam Sayang E-Store.